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One-of-a-kind Global Mission Experience Designed to Grow Your Faith


International mission trips from Lifetree Adventures make it easy for you to serve abroad. To date, we have helped nearly 300,000 volunteers of all ages serve the poor and disadvantaged both domestically and abroad.

On a Lifetree Adventure, you'll have the opportunity to make an eternal difference in the lives of people you serve. You might build a church, play games with needy children, provide needed repairs to a citizen’s home, or teach good hygiene to people who want to learn. You will encounter poverty firsthand. You'll see the pain that true need brings, and better understand the daily struggles that face much of the world's population. As you engage one-on-one with people in need, you'll develop a heart for service - and a deeper desire to pursue God.

Join with groups from other churches to live out God's love in Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Peru. Haiti, or one of Lifetree's many other locations where you'll minister to those in need. If you’re with your family, with a group, or by yourself, you can expect to work in small teams of typically four to seven people. Each person will fulfill an important role, supporting their team members as well as those they serve. You will be supported by our well-trained staff as you enjoy faith-building community times each day that help your group translate their international service adventure into life-changing spiritual growth.

The projects have been chosen in partnership with the local ministries, always leaning on their expertise and knowledge. We’re careful to make sure we are truly helping and bolstering their efforts locally, because we’re only there for a short time. Our goal is to use our short term efforts to support their long term mission, build relationships, and grow in faith!

Want a custom trip just for your group? Depending on your needs, we may be able to put together a mission trip exclusively for your group, with a date and location that fits your needs. Pricing and specifics may vary. For more information, please contact Robin at ralm@lifetreeadventures.com, or 1-800-747-2157.


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  1. Jesus-Centered – We know that God uses mission trips to change lives. We provide spiritual content, from devotions and journals, to evening “God-sighting” conversations, to help you process and connect with Jesus in a real way.
  2. Passion – We understand the power of short-term missions to support long term ministries, and the impact that happens as a result.
  3. Experience – In partnership with Group Mission Trips, we’ve sent over 300,000 people on service-based mission trips both domestically and abroad.
  4. Quality – We pursue excellence in the details. From transportation and logistics, to lodging, food, and projects, we cover the details so that you get the most out of your week.
  5. Impact – We pursue long-lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships with local ministries and churches in the countries we serve. Your impact will last long after you leave.

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