Why travel with Lifetree Adventures

A 40-year legacy of travel and service

Lifetree Adventures is the “voluntourism” branch of Group Mission Trips/Group Cares, a respected non-profit service organization that has engaged over 450,000 volunteers giving more than 13 million volunteer hours serving people in need since 1977. We launched Lifetree Adventures in 2006 in order to offer a unique trip experience for families and individuals who wanted to experience a life-changing, culturally rich vacation while also making a positive difference in the world. Here at Lifetree Adventures we like to say “travel with a purpose”!

A passion for immersion in culture and engaging with the local people

Every aspect of our international adventures is designed for you to experience life-change and a broadened worldview with the ultimate culturally immersive experiences. You’ll go far beyond the typical tourist attractions and enter into the real homes and real lives of the local people as you learn, serve, eat, laugh, play, pray, and worship together.

A focus on local partnerships with sustainability and long-term impact

In every location we travel to we’ve partnered with long-term ministries and organizations that are locally rooted and currently investing in the physical and spiritual needs of the people in their communities, helping to empower, educate, and equip them. When we arrive, we join alongside their efforts to help foster sustainable impact that helps communities grow and thrive on their own. And because of these trusted, established partnerships with local organizations, you'll know that your impact is culturally relevant, respectful, long-lasting, and truly helpful.

A heart for life-change and sharing Jesus’ love through serving and one-one relationships

Lifetree Adventures is a non-denominational Christian organization with an open invitation to anyone who has a desire to make a positive impact on the world to join us! We don’t proselytize; we simply explore and celebrate how God is already moving in the lives and hearts of the people we encounter. Our focus is about sharing the love, grace, and compassion of Jesus by being his hands and feet in the service work we do and the genuine relationships we build.

A dedicated, experienced staff team that gives you personal attention

Our team of staff members and tour guides are passionate about exploring the world and making a difference…and sharing this experience with you! We’ve traveled the globe to develop partnerships and create life-changing experiences for our travelers as well as the local people we encounter. Every trip is staffed with a highly qualified personal tour guide who will accompany your group from the time you arrive at the airport to the time you depart.

A commitment to safety

Our experienced team, both local and abroad, takes care of every detail—from carefully crafting the schedule, to providing safe and clean lodging and transportation, to nutritious local meals—and makes sure your safety and security are a priority! We also staff every trip with a quality, English-speaking tour guide who will accompany your group from the time you arrive in the airport to the moment you depart. Your tour guide will be an experienced, trained trip leader with extensive knowledge of the culture and local area you’ll be visiting, so you can be assured you’re in the best hands.